Arunoda Susiripala
Founder of MeteorHacks. JavaScript Hacker. DevOps Lover.
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    Essential Meteor Performance TipsMeteor logo retina
    Meteor is the one of the easiest and robust ways to build real-time web apps. But Meteor is also known for bad performance. This is half true and half false. But that doesn't mean Meteor cannot be used in production or cannot be scaled. All of my hacks and findings are blogged at MeteorHacks. Recently, I've worked on some improvements which make Meteor production ready. I hacked into Meteor and changed some of the internals to make it perform better. Also, I've tried and tested several proven web scaling techniques with Meteor and the results were promising. All of my hacks and findings are blogged at MeteorHacks. In this article, I'll show you a series of tips which can be used to make your Meteor app perform better and make it production ready. Let's begin.Read More…
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    Real-Time Messaging for Meteor With Meteor StreamsMeteor logo retina
    This is 2013. If you are going to build a webapp, you must add real-time capabilities to the app. It is the standard. Meteor does a pretty good job at helping you to quickly build and make apps real-time. But meteor is tightly coupled with MongoDB and it is the only way to add real-time capabilities. Sometimes, this is overkill.Read More…