Arnaud Hemroulle
The ad agency for which I work (since 2 and a half years now) is helping AD's to push further their ideas by illustrating them exactly "like they imagine them," instead of "like they could design them." I supervise the print department and also deal with animation/mixing Flash and video editing.
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create an Interplay of Abstract Light StreaksPreview small
    This tutorial is inspired by the work of the Lichfaktor collective. You should really take a look at their pictures, which are pure urban poetry. I basically wanted a simple way to create similar light effects without freezing my bones outside at night. To achieve this we'll use both Illustrator to design the basic shapes and Photoshop to create the lighting effects. Since everything is going to be done with smart objects and layer styles, the final image will be scalable at any size.Read More…