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Problem solver. Dreamer. Passionate about design. Video2brain/ trainer, visual designer at [Q]Interactiva and now creating content for Tuts+! Have a project? Let me know!
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    The A to Z of SketchSketch preview
    This A-Z list breaks down each tool within Sketch, including links to relevant tutorials here on Tuts+ and descriptions of what each tool can do. This list will be continually maintained and updated, so make sure you check back regularly!Read More…
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    Understanding Sketch’s Export OptionsPreview
    Exporting assets from your designs is a common task. You start by creating and preparing your graphics, then you choose the export format, set its properties and you’re done. The export tools in Sketch 3 are among its best features. In fact, Sketch 3 helps us export content in so many different ways that I’m convinced you’re going to improve your workflow by reading this article.Read More…
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    Plugins, Resources and Freebies to Spice up SketchSketch preview
    At Tuts+ we always want to provide useful material to our readers. We listen and we give. This roundup will introduce you to some of the most useful resources available for Sketch.Read More…
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    Sketch for Beginners: Design a Login Form InterfacePreview
    In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a simple login screen using Sketch 3.Read More…