Anthony Lombardo
Anthony Lombardo is an interactive developer, animation specialist and web designer from Queens, NY. Currently, he works as a digital design consultant and is the founder and director of a web development firm, Queens Web Design.
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    Flash's Underrated "Graphic" SymbolGraphic symbol
    I can't tell you how many articles and tutorials I have come across on how to use symbols in Flash that immediately dismiss the graphic symbol as having no practical purpose, relegating it as just a step above grouping items. This article will attempt to dispel this myth by showing that the graphic symbol actually has some pretty cool and convenient features and knowing how and when to utilize them is a nice tool to have when you're creating animations in Flash.Read More…
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    oCanvas: A jQuery- and Flash-Style Library for HTML5 CanvasOcanvas
    With the advent of tools like Adobe Edge and libraries like EaselJS, more resources are becoming available for developers looking to create interactive HTML5 content. Many of these tools are being geared specifically for Flash developers to make the transition from ActionScript to HTML5 canvas a smooth one. This article will overview oCanvas, an HTML5 library that developers might not only find invaluable but also very easy to use.Read More…