Angela Ferraro-Fanning
Angela Ferraro-Fanning owns and operate a small, green graphic design business called 13thirtyone Design, just outside of the Twin Cities. She shares her expertise, advice, and the trials and tribulations of being a designer, business owner and being green on her blog,
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    12 Points to Include in Your Design ContractContract preview
    When I started my own design business, one of the first things I put in place was a well-written contract. Before I spoke to an attorney about drafting an official document for me, I made sure I had my design process established. I also did a lot of research as to what other design firms and freelancers were including in their agreements. With something as subjective as design, there are lots of gray areas that need to be clarified as much as possible on paper. If you're in the process of drafting a client contract, or if you are considering revising one that already exists, I would recommend including the following list of items: 1. Estimate Terms When starting a new project with a current or prospective client, I'm always sure to estimate the project time first. In my experience, giving yourself a bit of extra time on the estimate is a good thing. It will cover you in the event any unexpected snags come up. My clients are only billed for the time I spend on their projects, so if I don't use up all the time allotted on my estimate, I look like a hero who came in under budget. On the flip side, if I find the project needs more time for completion (for whatever reason), I'm sure to notify my clients before continuing work and racking up additional hours.Read More…
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    How to Create Memorable Business CardsCard 0
    At a time when networking is extremely important, freelancers can’t afford to have a business card that isn’t eye-catching. My rule of thumb is if people aren’t complimenting you on your cards, then it’s time to make a change. After collecting business cards over the years, I’ve seen some pretty interesting and creative designs along with some that just plain aren’t effective. Before going over some ways to ensure your cards don’t fall into the latter group, I think it’s important to ensure all of the proper information is accounted for. When designing cards for myself and my clients, I ensure the following information is included:Read More…
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    Dissecting the Logo Design Creation ProcessLogothumb
    There are times when creating a logo can seem overwhelming. But in an industry where efficiency is key, I’ve learned a few tricks that help me to create logos that are effective, meet my clients’ objectives, and are portfolio pieces that I feel proud of. Today I'm going to walk you through my logo design creation process, and what better way to walk you through it than by using a client case study? Meet The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide, a web-based divorce how-to that also empowers women.Read More…