Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews has been working as a web and application developer for over 17 years, with experience in a wide range of industries, and a skillset which includes UI/UX, graphic design, and programming. He is co-author of the book jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, and has written for online publications such as Adobe, NetTuts and .NET Magazine. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country, and he has developed software for the open source community. He blogs at, tweets at @commadelimited, and lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and 4 children.
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    Beginner's Guide to the Django Rest FrameworkDjango rest framework wide retina preview
    Learn how to build web-viewable APIs, configure serializers, and use class based views, all with the Django Rest Framework.Read More…
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    Writing Hubot Plugins with CoffeeScriptPreview
    In case you've been hiding under a rock, Campfire is a real-time chat application, written by our friends at 37 Signals. Campfire has a robust API, giving you the ability to bolt on tools to better the team environment.Read More…
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    The Latest Updates to jQuery MobileWhat is new in jquery mobile
    Not too long ago, the jQuery team released jQuery Mobile 1.2. This new release has some fantastic changes! In this article, we're going to review some of the new widgets available to developers, take a look at changes made to existing widgets, and glance over a few impactful enhancements that could affect your jQuery Mobile application. Let's get started, shall we?Read More…