Andrew Thorp
I am a husband, father, developer, and Christ-Follower based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I am a huge sports fanatic, rooting for all teams Philly. If you want to chat, you can always reach out to me on twitter @andrewpthorp.
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    Building a Scalable App With Backbone.js200
    Backbone.js is a small library (~5kb minified) that allows you to build single page web applications. Unlike many of its peers, Backbone is not very opinionated about the way you use it. Aside from some basic concepts, the design of your application is left widely up to you. This tutorial will offer some insight on one of the popular patterns that the community has started to embrace: the Backbone Boilerplate. We will use this boilerplate to create a simple library of books, which you could easily extend into a much more robust application.Read More…