Amit S Namboothiry
Hey there.. I'm Amit, from Kerala, India. I have a passion for good Design. I make sure that my websites are intuitive, refreshing and minimal. During spare time you can see me playing my acoustic guitar, piano or writing my upcoming blockbuster Sci-Fi novel. Check out my Portfolio here.
  • Web Design
    Understanding the Composite Parts of Your DesignFourier retina
    In this article we're going to look at a simple analogy which will illustrate effective ways of communicating through design. Once we've established the idea, we'll take a look at some familiar examples to drive the point home.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Understanding the Split Layout in Web DesignZ
    As Web Designers, we follow a lot of design paradigms and layout principles: grids, vertical consistency, the F-Layout, Z-Layout, rule of thirds, the Golden-Ratio and so on. Paying attention to these principles will produce visually appealing and functional design - let's now look at the simple division of a page into two equal halves.Read More…