Amilcar De Carvalho
My name is Amilcar, most people call me Mills. I have been working professionally as a 2d/3d motion graphics artist for about 5-6 years now. I use Maya and After Effects to do all the animation work and also use photoshop. I really enjoy what I do and have always had a passion for 2d/3d graphics. I currently work at a company called Orijin and I am really fortunate that I am allowed to express myself creatively through motion graphics. My Website:
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    Create a Cool Looking Molecule Effect in Maya and After EffectsPreview
    This tutorial will focus on creating a cool molecule type object with Maya and finish the project off in After Effects. We will begin by modeling the molecule in maya, then create a shader via the hypershade panel and assign it to the object, and render out a still image. Lastly we will take it into After Effects, and create a camera that drifts and zooms towards the molecule. We will also add a few particles to the scene and comp it all together.Read More…