Amandine Alessandra
Amandine Alessandra is a photographer and graphic designer based in London. After a Masters in Fine Arts and Aesthetics from the Université de Provence in 2003, she moved to the UK where she runs her own photographic practice since 2007 and graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication in 2009. She now works as a freelance graphic designer.
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    Wearable Letterform: a Typographic Form for Ephemeral MessagesPreview
    Say it loud: How to publicly display messages in a highly visible way, without doing anything illegal? Say it fast: Messages evolve in a perpetual flux. If you take the example of a poster or a title in a newspaper, their context is permanently shifting: who the audience is, where it is read from, what the weather is like, what the buzz of the precise moment is. A static printed message cannot adapt to a changing situation and is bound to obsoleteness. How can we display a physical message while keeping it flexible enough so that it can reflect on its context? Interested, read on!Read More…