Alkis is a musician and AudioJungle author focused on home recording and production.
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    How to Synthesize a Glitch Drum Kit with OperatorPreview
    This tutorial introduces a simple and quick way of using Ableton Live's Operator synthesizer to produce glitchy and noisy drum samples, the types of which are heavily used in the glitch/idm/experimental electronic music scene by artists such as Alva Noto, Kearley, Aoki Takamasa and Daisuke Tanabe to name just a few. We'll be covering a basic kit, including "clicks" and "pops", static-like sounds, kick, and snare. Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: How to Emulate a Theremin Sound in Ableton LiveThumb
    In this Quick Tip we're going to emulate a theremin sound using Ableton Live's Operator (although the same principles apply to other synths as well). Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: How to Export and Resample a VST Instrument in Ableton LiveThumb
    In this tutorial we're going to look at a simple way of extracting VST sounds and resampling them into Ableton Live's Sampler and Drum Rack.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    How to Create Organic Ambient Instruments in Ableton LiveThumb
    In this tutorial we are going to use Ableton Live's "Sampler" and some of its built-in audio effects to produce wide, organic, ambient textures and pads, originating from a single one-note instrument sample. Read More…