Alistair Rossini
An ex-web designer, who worked with WordPress professionally for 2 or 3 years and has since moved into a new sector.
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    Configure jQuery Plugins via WordPress AdminPreview
    This tutorial aims to put the options made available by jQuery plugin developers to WordPress Administrators. Building WordPress themes is a craft in itself, it's an additional layer to a Web Designers job. Indeed it is also true, getting the basics from the CMS (title, the_content, the_excerpt etc) means you are a WordPress Theme Developer.Read More…
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    Fast BuddyPress DevelopmentFast buddypress
    Working with BuddyPress on top of WordPress is a super exciting thing, it adds a whole new dimension to the platform and really demonstrates huge potential. BuddyPress like other plugins expands on the core functionality WordPress offers. Although it is important as a freelancer or company to recognise that BuddyPress unlike other plugins adds functionality of epic proportions. This tutorial aims to show you how to demonstrate a proof of concept quickly and functionally without making any best practice cardinal sins.Read More…
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    WordPress and PayPal: An IntroductionPreview
    For this tutorial we will go through the steps involved to integrate PayPal as your Payment Service Provider for a WordPress powered site. Working with Custom Post Types we will create a basic shopping cart and allow for payments to be taken via PayPal. Whilst the worked example is functional, you should take further steps to sanitise and store data when working with payments.Read More…