Álison Fernandes
Portuguese programmer following his game development dream! Feel free to get in touch on twitter @vvolkgang or on my personal blog> DementedVice.wordpress.com
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    Workflow Tip: How to Keep Files in Two Places at OnceHow to keep files in two places at once 400px
    Recently, I wanted to back up my UDK 3 project files to my Dropbox, but UDK requires project files to be in the same directory as the (4GB) installation itself—and 4GB is far too big for my Dropbox! In this article, you'll learn how you can solve this problem by making files appear to be in two places at once, using hard links, symbolic links, and junctions.Read More…
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    How to Learn Loom SDKHow to learn loom sdk 400px
    Loom SDK is an open source cross-platform development kit, written in C++, that enables you to create games and applications for different platforms very quickly. It offers a command line interface and features such as live asset reloading, live code compiling, and multiple devices deployment, while preserving the flexibility of a native and open source SDK.Read More…