Alexander Dawson
Alexander Dawson is a freelance web designer, author and recreational software developer specializing in web standards, accessibility and UX design. As well as running a business called HiTechy and writing, he spends time on Twitter (@AlexDawsonUK), SitePoint’s forums and other places, helping those in need.
  • Web Design
    An Overview of Defensive DesignPreview
    All over the Web, at any given moment, something is going wrong. It's not an issue we take lightly, yet it still occurs! No I'm not here to talk about our over dependence upon third party tools or IE6 (specifically), I'm here to talk about site glitches, and how to avoid them.Read More…
  • Business
    Getting Started: The First Steps to Freelance FreedomJogging
    [caption id="attachment_11893" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Credit: Patrick Gaudin on Flickr"][/caption] For some of us, the progression from a full time career to a freelance state of mind can be as easy as handing in the notice and running for the exit. However, for others the transition can be full of worry, stress and anxiety. I’ve been pretty lucky in my freelancing career. My progression from hobby to job was sudden and straightforward (to the extent that I’ve never actually worked for anyone other than myself!), but there are many people who are currently sitting at their office desk, looking for a way to follow suit. For some people, the event that triggers anxiety is being the only (or primary) source of income for a household (putting added pressure on a consistent pay check), for others the business side of things seems like a dark art full of mystery and complicated rituals. While both of these are valid concerns, I believe that anyone (no matter their background) can succeed as a freelancer, even with these variables at work. It’s all just a matter of learning to dodge a few easy to spot bullets!Read More…