Alex Spencer
Alex is a professional web developer, amateur beer brewer, and self-admitted Apple fanboy. The only thing he loves more than learning new things, is teaching others skills he has already mastered. The easiest way to find him is on Twitter or via his website.
  • Code

    Introduction to HTML

    1.2 hours
  • Computer Skills
    Get Fit With the Apple WatchApple fit logo
    In this tutorial, learn how to track workouts, count calorie burn, and more with the Apple Watch. Track the length of time spent standing, walking, or exercising.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    2-Factor Authentication Without Hassle2fa icon
    2-Factor Authentication sounds complicated, but it is actually the opposite. Learn more about 2-Factor Authentication application, and how easy it really is to use.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Better Communication Using the Apple WatchWatch icon
    It’s a totally new product and there’s much to explore. Learn how to use the Apple Watch to make communication simple and fun. Send animations, taps, heartbeats, and more.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Two Different Ways to Mirror an iOS Device to a MacMirror logo
    Being able to demonstrate a feature, setting, or new application to a large group of people can be invaluable. The ability to mirror an iOS device to the Mac's display could mean the difference between success and failure. Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Setting Up and Using a VPN for Mac or iOSVpn logo
    Open Wi-Fi comes with a massive hit to personal security. Setting up and using a VPN can help protect you from less-than-desirable snooping of your online activities.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Start Receiving SMS Messages and Phone Calls on a MacContinuity logo
    Yosemite's latest and greatest feature allows you to keep your phone in your pocket and still make or receive phone calls and text messages.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Introduction to Pixelmator for Mac and iPad, Part 2Logo
    In this lesson I'll teach you how to apply image enhancements, color filters, and do non-destructive editing in Pixelmator. You will quickly appreciate just how simple it can be to create amazing pictures.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Introduction to Pixelmator for Mac and iPad, Part 1Pixelmator icon
    In this tutorial I show you how easy it is to remove unwanted people or blemishes from photos, crop them, and add text using one of the best competitors to Photoshop on the market today.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Apple Maps for the Mac and iPhoneMapsicon
    Never get lost again. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to get the most from Apple Maps to virtually tour a new city, send directions to your contacts, or research long travel routes.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Filling Out and Signing Forms With PreviewPreview logo
    You don't need fancy services like HelloSign or a printer/scanner combo to fill out forms. The only thing you need, the Mac OS already has: Preview. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to complete PDF forms, including your signature, on a Mac.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Setup and Use Apple PayApple pay logo
    Learn how to add a credit card and use it to make purchases. Both in applications and retail environments.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The 5 Best Features of iOS 8Ios 8 logo
    In this tutorial, I’ll show you the five top new features in iOS 8 and how to use them. Use quick-replies, new keyboards, widgets, and so much more to become more efficient and enjoy using your iPhone or iPad even more.Read More…