Alex Spencer
Alex is a professional web developer, amateur beer brewer, and self-admitted Apple fanboy. The only thing he loves more than learning new things, is teaching others skills he has already mastered. The easiest way to find him is on Twitter or via his website.
  • Computer Skills
    Getting Started With LastPassLastpass logo
    Online security is crucially important, but you can't stay secure with simple, easily-rememberable passwords. LastPass is one of the most popular cross-platform password managers, and in this tutorial you'll learn how to use it to keep your passwords and info secure, and then securely share them with your team.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Keep Your Gmail Inbox CleanGmail logo
    Gmail has a ton of built-in features to help you keep your inbox clean and clutter free. Here's how to get your inbox clean—and automatically keep that way.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    How to Screencast for FreeQuicktimeicon
    Three different ways to screencast for free. Show others what you are doing on your computer for fun and profit.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The System Preferences You Should Be UsingSp icon preview
    A good look at the system preferences panes you probably aren't using, but should be. Especially if you value your privacy or security.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The Awesomeness of iCloudIcloud
    The best part of owning any Apple product is one of the most underused. Learn how to fully leverage the power of iCloud.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The Keynote AdvantagePreview keynote
    Keynote has set the standard for presentations ever since it first came out, but PowerPoint has remained the presentation app most businesses use by default. Here's the Keynote features that make it far better than PowerPoint, and how you can save time and get more done by switching to Apple's presentations app.Read More…
  • Business
    How to Track Your Time in HarvestHarvest logo
    Simple time tracking means more billable hours for you, and less stress when turning those billable hours into invoices. Here's everything you need to get started with Harvest, one of the most popular time tracking apps that can run from any device.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Managing Your Mac’s Hard Drive SpaceSettings retina
    I love my Macbook Air. It is a workhorse in an insanely portable package. I do, however, have one complaint: The hard drive. It is small. Think smaller than an iPod classic. So I’ve been forced to come up with some tricks to both maximize my existing space as well as keep the space I have tidy. In this tutorial, I will share a few of these tricks. Including:Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Intermediate Formulas in NumbersNumbers logo
    Put Numbers to work for you with functions, statements, and AppleScript that'll let you turn a simple spreadsheet into a powerful tool for your numbers and data.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Making Better Screencasts With ScreenflowScreenflow400
    Screenflow is a powerful screen casting tool created by Telestream. If you have ever wanted to create quality screencasts, you should check out their free trial. Once you are convinced, go grab the full version from the Apple App Store. In this tutorial I will show you how to take the clip you have recorded and add:Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    The Top Five Most Annoying Parts of Using a Mac and How to Fix ThemApple400
    In my opinion Macs are almost perfect.  They have very low failure rates and their operating system is second to none.  Rarely, if ever, do users see a blue/gray screen of death.  For lack of a better phrase, they just work. They aren’t totally perfect though.  In this tutorial I'll identify the top five most annoying things about Macs and, more importantly, how to fix them.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Screen Capturing and Screen Recording Like a BossIphoto400
    Have you ever wanted to share a picture of your screen?  Or a recording of your screen and voice?  Have you ever wondered how we make these screencasts?  Well, wonder no longer!  In this tutorial, I will demonstrate two different ways to grab screenshots and two different ways to record your screen with audio.Read More…