Alex Martin
My name is Alex Martin and I am a CG instructor in NILA (Nottingham International Lifestyles Academy). I train students in 3ds Max, Maya, After Effects and various other CG and VFX tools. I also write for CG magazines in my spare time. I love food, movies and teaching :)
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Quick Tip: How to Setup Units & Use the Tape Tool in 3D Studio MaxMax tapetool retina
    In this quick tip, Alex Martin introduces you to two features of 3D Studio Max that many new artists overlook, a correct unit setup and the ever handy tape tool. Working with a correct scene scale is extremely important, especially when it comes to multiple artists working on the same scene, or when recreating accurate lighting for a project. This quick tip will give you a few tips for setting up your units system correctly, and provide a practical example for measuring the distance between objects using the tape tool and how this applies when working with Z-Depth.Read More…