Alex Eckermann
Alex is a Ruby on Rails developer by day, but by night he turns to explore more exotic and unusual languages and frameworks. Alex is currently combining his talents in user interface design and Objective-C to focus on the mobile space as his next frontier.
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    Beginning iOS Development: Data PersistenceBeginning ios series
    In the seventh installment of the Beginning iOS Development screencast series, we are looking at Data Persistence in iOS Applications. The screencast includes a short keynote overview of the different storage methods that you can use in an iOS application as well as the pros and cons of each method. After the keynote, the four implemented data storage methods are explained in detail.Read More…
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    Beginning iOS Development: Windows, Views, and View ControllersBeginning ios series
    In this screencast, the fifth installment of the Beginning iOS Development series, you will learn about windows, views, and view controllers.Read More…
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    Beginning iOS Development: Using Interface BuilderBeginning ios series
    Welcome back to the third installment in the Beginning iOS Development video series. In this lesson we will be looking at Interface Builder and how we can use it in iOS projects.Read More…
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    Beginning iOS Development: Setting Up The Development EnvironmentBeginning ios series
    Welcome to the first in our "Beginning iOS Development" series! This series starts from the ground up, teaching you the fundamentals of the platform with the intention of leaving you capable of writing your own iPhone applications by the final installment. In this tutorial, you will learn how to register with Apple, install Xcode, and officially become an app developer. You will also be introduced to the fundamental tools of app development and be shown where to go for technical documentation and example projects as you learn.Read More…
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    Working with Core Data: Schema Versioning and Lightweight Migrations200pxworkingwithcoredata
    After reading First steps with Core Data, we find ourselves enlightened in the way Core Data works and how it can help us develop data rich applications. However, the surface was only just scratched, and in some applications you might be left wondering how to implement a certain piece of functionality.Read More…
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    iPhone Core Data: Your First StepsInto to coredata preview2
    Core Data is a framework Apple provides to developers that is described as a "schema-driven object graph management and persistence framework." What does that actually mean? The framework manages where data is stored, how it is stored, data caching, and memory management. It was ported to the iPhone from Mac OS X with the 3.0 iPhone SDK release.Read More…