I'm a 20 year old normal guy from Romania. I started working in Flash in 2008 for a school project and fell in love with it. When I have time I'm usually 30ft deep in ActionScript making experiments and trying out new stuff.
  • Code
    Generating Digital Audio Using SiONPreview
    In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to get started with SiON, an AS3 software synthesizer library which generates sound using only code. Read More…
  • Code
    Quick Tip: Resizing SWFs using BrowserCanvasPreview
    Have you ever needed to resize your embedded SWF based on the user interaction/input, like how Newgrounds allows you to resize certain Flash games to fit the screen? This can be done using JavaScript and the ExternalInterface class in ActionScript. But what if you don't know JavaScript at all? Well, lucky for you there's this little class out there called BrowserCanvas which does all the ugly work for you and in this quick tip I'll be showing you how to use it. Read More…
  • Game Development
    Build an AS3 Tetris Game From the Ground UpGame development
    In this Active Premium tutorial we'll be creating a variant of the classic Tetris game, explaining general game concepts as well as some specific to this genre.Read More…
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    Validating Various Input Data in FlashIntro image
    Today, almost everything on the web is based on user input. A contact form, a user registration form, a search box and so on. As a developer you can't just rely on the user to write everything as it's supposed to be. To be sure you always get the correct data from your users you will need to validate the input. Read on to find out how..Read More…