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    Building a Simple Announcements Plugin for WordPressPreview
    Let's say that you're a launching new product, giving away freebies or organizing an event. How do you deliver the message to your readers? Popular choice is to display a modal dialog in a lightbox, thus forcing the user to take notice. But there's another, less obtrusive, yet still effective way, to get a user's attention. In this tutorial we'll be creating a plugin that displays custom site-wide announcements across the top of the page, with the ability to schedule messages to appear between two given dates.Read More…
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    Integrating Google Rich Snippets Into a WordPress ThemePreview
    We're all familiar with the way Google presents search results – with a page title and a little snippet of text for each result. With Google Rich Snippets we can add useful information to the web search result snippet to make it stand out from other results and ultimately attract more visitors. While there are already plugins that provide this kind of functionality in WordPress, there are situations when relaying on a third party plugin is not advisable. In this tutorial, we are going to integrate the microdata format into WordPress theme markup to display a culinary recipe, and make it compatible with Google Rich Snippets' requirements.Read More…