Alec Gorge
Likes PHP, Node.js, CSS3, HTML5, iPhone development in Corona, Objective-C and Wax, Windows 7 for desktops and Linux for servers. Dislikes Mac OS X, Android, Linux for desktops, Windows for servers, compiling C on Windows, the Windows commandline. Hates Java.
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    Building Native iOS Apps with Wax: Creating a Sample ApplicationWax logo preview
    In part one, we learned about what Wax is and what makes it so awesome. Now, in part 2, we are going to step through making a simple application in Wax that displays a list of currently trending topics on Twitter that can be refreshed with a button.Read More…
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    Building Native iOS Apps with Wax: IntroductionWax logo preview
    The idea behind the Wax framework is simple: anything Objective-C can do, Lua can do too! There are a lot of good reasons to consider creating native iPhone applications with a simple and efficient scripting language like Lua, and this tutorial series will dive into the benefits offered by Wax while demonstrating the practical steps necessary to integrate Lua with Xcode 4 and the iOS SDK.Read More…
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    Drilldown Navigation with TitaniumTitanium drilldown preview
    Drilldown menu systems allow the user to select a menu item, view the item's page and then either "dig" deeper, or go back up one level. A perfect example is the Settings app on iOS.Read More…