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    How a Teenager From Nigeria Built a Five Figure Freelance Writing BusinessPreview writers in charge
    It's really hard to make a living as a freelance writer. Yet, some still manage to pull it off, sometimes against all odds. While native English speakers with university degrees are struggling to get clients, Onibalusi Bamidele — a teenager from Nigeria — is pulling in over $50,000 dollars a year in freelance writing income. Moreover, Bamidele is convinced that his success can be replicated, that other writers can use the same methods to get their freelance writing businesses off the ground. Let's look at how this energetic teenager went from an academic failure to a successful freelance writer in just a few short years.Read More…
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    Pricing Low Vs. Pricing High: How Much Should You Charge for Your Ebook?Preview how to price your ebook
    Picking a price for an e-book can be a real headache. There are e-books out there that cost as little as 0.50$, and there are also e-books out there that cost as much as 6,232$. How are you supposed to decide what you should charge for your ebook when the range of possible prices are so large? Let's look at what has worked for successful ebook writers and consider what is the best approach for your ebook.Read More…
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    How Nathan Barry Made $12,000 in eBook Income in 24 HoursPreview ebook income case study
    Nathan Barry is a web designer who quit his job at a software company in October 2011 in order to work for himself. In 2012, his first year of being self-employed, Nathan managed to make $145,471 USD, which is more than double of what he used to make in his last job. Interesting thing here is that over $85,000 out of that was income from his two e-books, “App Design Handbook” and “Designing Web Applications”. Want to know how it all started and how you can have similar success? Let's take a look at the launch of Nathan's first e-book, “App Design Handbook”, with which he made over $12,000 in the first 24 hours, and uncover what he did right.Read More…