Agbonghama Collins
Agbonghama Collins is a web developer by day and a freelance writer / blogger by night. When not wrangling with code, he is fond of sleeping on the couch and writing on his personal web development blog. Follow me on Twitter @w3guy.
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    Using WordPress Meta Boxes to Build a Basic SEO PluginBuild a basic seo plugin
    One of the core feature provided by WordPress in extending its functionality is its Meta Box API. These meta boxes enable you to easily add additional data to your content. For example, the Post Tags meta box enables you set tags for your post. In this article, we will build a basic SEO plugin that adds a meta description, and an Open Graph title and description tag to the head element of WordPress pages.Read More…
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    How to Build a WordPress Plugin to Identify Old PostsOld post notification
    In this article, we're going to take a look at everything that's required to build a WordPress plugin that notifies our visitors if a post they are viewing is older than a specified amount of time.Read More…
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    Building a Recent Post Widget Powered by SimplePieRecent post widget simplepie
    In today's world, website speed is very important. most internet users are impatient and tend to leave a website that take too long to load. One great way to improving the performance of WordPress site is by reducing the number of plugins that queries the database such as a Recent Post widget plugin.Read More…
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    Analysis and Effects of HTTP Requests on WordPress PerformanceWordpress http request
    In today's world, websites that are fast lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. There are lots of factors that contribute to website speed; one of such is the number of HTTP Request. In this tutorial, I'll explain what HTTP requests are, how to determine the number of HTTP requests, the effects they have on WordPress performance, how plugins and themes are not helping matters, and solutions to the problem.Read More…