Adrian Try
Adrian is the Music & Audio Editor for Tuts+. He's been playing keys and acoustic guitar for three decades, and has six kids. Follow him on Twitter at @audiotuts.
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    How to Put a Band TogetherThumb
    For the solo musician, playing music with others is a whole new experience. If you love playing music on your own and with recordings, you’ll probably find playing with others challenging and rewarding. It requires a new set of skills, including listening to others, making space for their playing, and learning what role you play in the music. If you enjoy it enough, you might consider starting a band. That’s harder than you might imagine. Few bands last years, let alone decades. Very few find fame and fortune.Read More…
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    8 Things I Love About Playing KeysThumb
    As I stood on the verge of becoming a musician, I argued with myself whether to learn guitar or piano. Guitars were portable, and I was moving around a lot at the time. But keyboards also appealed to me. They seemed so powerful and versatile, and the new electronic keyboards could make so many different sounds. After seeing a girl in a band playing a tiny Casio keyboard (I didn’t realize how desperate she must have been!), I realized that keyboards can be portable too, and made my choice. Decades later after learning a few other instruments, I’m glad I started learning music on a keyboard. Here are eight things I love about playing music on a keyboard:Read More…
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    Looking Back On Three Decades of Home RecordingTascam
    It was getting towards the end of 1983, not long before I turned twenty. I had just started learning to play keys on my dad’s cheap organ, and I was discovering a new world of music, and a new identity of being a musician. I didn’t want to play dad’s organ for the rest of my life, and started exploring what was available. I fell in love with professional music stores, and my idea of how much musical instruments cost took a quantum leap.Read More…
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    20 Ways to Keep Evolving as a MusicianMusic and audio
    I started to learn to play music properly when I was twenty. I bought the books, practiced for an hour or two a day, and got some lessons. I could often sense my progress, but not always. There was something new to learn each day, and from time to time I could tell my playing jumped up to the next level. But that was over half a lifetime ago, and though music has always been an important part of my life since then, I haven’t always had the time to play regularly.Read More…