Adi Purdila
Photoshop, HTML, CSS? Yep, that's what I do best. Mix that with lots of head nodding from trance music and you've got me in a nutshell.
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: The Loop and TemplatesAdaptive wordpress thumb 02
    Let's move on to cover The Loop, and using the Theme Unit Test XML Data to populate your WordPress install.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Beginning Theme DevelopmentAdaptive wordpress thumb 01a
    We're picking up where the Webdesigntuts+ Adaptive Blog Theme session left off. Now we take the adaptive HTML and CSS build, and turn it into a WordPress theme.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Adaptive Blog Theme: BreakpointsCss8 preview
    At this point in our theme development it's time to look at the adaptive nature of the layout. We're going to examine our breakpoints, tidy up the layout in its various states, deal with the navigation and any images we encounter. Notably, this is the last of the screencasts before we dive into WordPress theming!Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Single Post DetailsCss7 preview
    There are still plenty of details on our single post layout which we need to take care of. At the very least we have the tags, post navigation, the author bio and the comments - so let's dive in!Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Single Post StylingCss6 preview
    Okay guys, you know the drill. Let's start writing some LESS styles for our single post layout. In these two screencasts we'll look at general styling, blockquotes, images and buttons.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Single Post MarkupCss5 preview
    In the screencasts leading up to this point we've been building the homepage of our theme. Let's now turn our attention to the single post page, beginning with some markup.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Styling the Sidebar and FooterCss4 preview
    It's certainly true that the bulk of this tutorial lies in the styling, so let's continue with our CSS by working on the sidebar and the footer.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Styling PostsCss3 preview
    Last time we finished styling our header section and got the navigation working properly; today we're going to look at the post listings and the various types of posts we're making available.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Adaptive Blog Theme: Finishing up the HeaderCss2 preview
    Continuing with styling our web page, let's now finish off the header. We'll sort out the logo, the leaderboard ad and we'll style our navigation, including the multi-level dropdown.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Basic StylesCss1 preview
    Having built the majority of our HTML markup, let's now turn our attention to styling it. We'll begin by looking at our LESS reset file, then we'll grab Twitter's Bootstrap grid CSS, after which we can get slicing our original Photoshop files.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Initial HTML MarkupHtml1 preview
    We've finished working in Photoshop, so now it's time to begin translating our designs into working web pages. Let's begin by setting up a project and setting out some basic markup.Read More…
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    Adaptive Blog Theme: Post LayoutPreview 3
    It's time to wrap up the Photoshop part of this process - let's now concentrate on the single post page layout. We'll be looking at the post content itself, post elements (such as images, typography etc.) then the all-important comments section.Read More…