Adam Murray
I am a freelance web developer specializing in open-source content management and e-commerce platforms. Visit my personal site here or follow me on Twitter to see what I am up to!
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    Using WordPress Multisite: A Network of Websites at Your FingertipsWp multisite
    Today, we will look at the basics of WordPress MS - or for those users that have been using WordPress for a while - Multisite or WordPress MU. WordPress MS is a feature that many users are unaware of, and one that is often confusing to install and configure. But no more! In this tutorial, we will walk through installing WordPress MS, becoming familiar with the network admin, and integrating useful plugins for your Multisite network.Read More…
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    Getting Started With BuddyPressThumbnail
    Best of Wptuts 2011: Every week through January, we're going to revisit some of our favorite posts from 2011. With the recent popularity explosion of BuddyPress and a wide range of new BuddyPress themes available at ThemeForest, it makes good sense to kick off this 2011 recap with Adam Murray's incredible BuddyPress series! We've all worked hard to establish that Wordpress is a great content management solution, but what about it's social networking aspect? Today, I want to walk you through the basics of using BuddyPress, a social networking system built on top of the Wordpress platform. Learning how to use this will add a really valuable item to your field of knowledge, especially as clients want social integration more and more every day.Read More…
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    Developing BuddyPress Themes - Part 3: BuddyPress 1.5, Member Pages, & the Overall User ExperienceBp themeing
    Welcome to part 3 of Developing BuddyPress Themes. In this tutorial, we'll focus on BuddyPress' latest release - version 1.5, as well as how to customize the user experience through editing member pages and adding custom functions. Read More…
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    Developing BuddyPress Themes - Part 2: Creating a Custom Style and Home PageBp themeing
    In the last part of this series, I walked you through the BuddyPress theme API and loops. We finished up by creating a child theme that weÕll reuse today in the next part of our series. It was my hope that the framework laid in the last tutorial will make elaborating on our child theme that much easier. This part of the tutorial will focus on creating a new overall look for our BuddyPress site and creating a custom home page. So, letÕs open up our theme folder and get our hands dirty in some code. Read More…
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    Developing BuddyPress Themes - Part 1 : Working with the BuddyPress API and LoopsBp themeing
    Last month, we looked at the basics of BuddyPress and how you can use it to increase social networking in your projects. The response was great and many requested theming tutorials. So, in this three part series, we'll explain some core elements of the BuddyPress API and unpack how to create a custom child theme that will survive both BuddyPress and WordPress updates.Read More…
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    Migrating a WordPress Site From a Local Server to ProductionPreview
    Integral to any WordPress developer's arsenal is the local server. In this tutorial, I want to walk you all the way from installing a local server to theming, exporting databases, and beyond.Read More…
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    Innovative Uses of WordPress Post Types and TaxonomiesFolders
    With the release of Wordpress 3.0, two great ways to better organize and display content were introduced: post types and taxonomies. These two advances improve Wordpress' role as an all-around content management system, and they continue to prove that WP is not just a blog platform. When 3.1 releases with post formats, it will be imperative that you understand how to use and implement post types and taxonomies.Read More…