Adam Hawkins
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    Zero-to-Sixty: Creating and Deploying a Rails App in Under an Hour200x200
    Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers' favorite posts from throughout the history of Nettuts+. This tutorial was first published in January, 2010. Give me an hour of your time, and I'll take you on a fly by of the Ruby on Rails framework. We'll create controllers, models, views, add admin logins, and deploy using Heroku's service in under an hour! In this article we'll create a simple bookshelf application where you can add books and write thoughts about them. Then we'll deploy the application in just a few minutes. So buckle up because this article moves fast! Read More…
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    Setting up a Rails Server and Deploying with Capistrano on Fedora from Scratch200x200
    This article and video tutorial will teach you how to setup a basic Fedora server for Rails and PostgreSQL deployments. First, we'll setup Apache and PostgreSQL. Then, we'll use phpPgAdmin to create our application's user and databases. After that, we'll setup the Ruby platform using Passenger to run our application. Once all the components are installed, we'll prep our application for deployment using Capistrano. I'll show you how to use Capistrano to automate remote tasks and take advantage of other features. Read More…
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    How to Build an Unobtrusive Login System in Rails200x200
    An unobtrusive login system is one that gets out of the user’s way. It will make your application nicer and more polished. This article will guide you through the process of setting up user logins, then ajaxifying the process by moving the form into a modal box that communicates with the server. Additionally, this article will show you how to create the setup using jQuery and Prototype so you can choose your favorite library. This article assumes that you have experience with Rails and jQuery or Prototype.Read More…
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    Prototyping With The Grid 960 CSS Framework200x200
    Grid 960 is a CSS Framework that enables developers to rapidly prototype designs. They are excellent tools for creating mock ups. Why? Because they do all the heavy lifting allowing you to get faster results.Read More…