Adam Burucs
I'm a European developer and designer. Outside work I make music, draw pictures and learn languages.
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    Making a Theme With Bones: Finishing OffPreview finishing off
    We are using a starter theme to build a new site.Read More…
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    Making a Theme With Bones: Getting StartedPreview getting started
    We are using a starter theme to build a new responsive site.Read More…
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    Random Quote Plugin With Custom Post TypeIntro
    This is the second part of creating a random quote plugin, but this time with custom post types.Read More…
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    WordPress Caching PluginsPreview
    It is important to have a fast website in terms of both user experience and search results. In this article we will find out what caching is, how it can help to speed things up and two popular caching plugins for WordPress.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Using the Mysteriously Named _e, _n and __ FunctionsPreview
    You might have met these functions during your WordPress career. These can be used for translating purposes. Here are some quick examples about using them.Read More…
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    Plugins for Monitoring Your WordPress Site's UptimePreview
    Do you know the importance of the uptime of your website? Is your site going down regularly in the middle of the night when those on the other side of the world are trying to visit? Does it take too long to respond so Google's spiders abandon it? Let's look at how you can monitor your website uptime.Read More…
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    Writing Custom Queries in WordPressIntro
    With custom queries you can make any data reading and/or manipulation you want. Instantly a world of new possibilities open up.Read More…
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    Creating a Simple Twitter Plugin for WordPressIntro twitter icon
    Let's see how can we make a very simple plugin showing some latest posts from a Twitter account.Read More…
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    Mini Guide to Contact Form 7Preview image
    Usually a website needs a contact form to communicate with the site owner. One of our favorites is Contact Form 7. Let's see what it can do!Read More…
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    A Short Guide to TrackbacksIntro trackback
    Trackbacks connect blogs together and create a network of blogs in the same way that links create a network of web pages.Read More…
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    Integrating Superfish Menu Into a TemplateIntro superfish
    This is a short and easy step-by-step guide to using the jQuery menu plugin, Superfish, developed by Joel Birch.Read More…
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    Creating a Random Quote Plugin for WordPressQuote
    A few years back I was just really getting into WordPress plugin development when I stumbled upon an outstanding little exercise that taught me a lot of the basics of plugin creation. I started with this very simple idea: creating a handy little plugin which generates a quote randomly to the description of the current theme. Today, I'm going to revisit the plugin that really helped me get my feet wet by walking you guys/gals through how to do it yourself.Read More…