Adam Burucs
I'm a European developer and designer. Outside work I make music, draw pictures and learn languages.
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    Mini Guide to Contact Form 7Preview image
    Usually a website needs a contact form to communicate with the site owner. One of our favorites is Contact Form 7. Let's see what it can do!Read More…
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    A Short Guide to TrackbacksIntro trackback
    Trackbacks connect blogs together and create a network of blogs in the same way that links create a network of web pages.Read More…
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    Integrating Superfish Menu Into a TemplateIntro superfish
    This is a short and easy step-by-step guide to using the jQuery menu plugin, Superfish, developed by Joel Birch.Read More…
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    Creating a Random Quote Plugin for WordPressQuote
    A few years back I was just really getting into WordPress plugin development when I stumbled upon an outstanding little exercise that taught me a lot of the basics of plugin creation. I started with this very simple idea: creating a handy little plugin which generates a quote randomly to the description of the current theme. Today, I'm going to revisit the plugin that really helped me get my feet wet by walking you guys/gals through how to do it yourself.Read More…