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    5 Former Music Badasses Who've Lost Their WayBadasses prev
    The idea of rock star as rebel dates at least as far back as Elvis and his girl-baiting hips on the Ed Sullivan Show. As pervasive as the rock and roll badass is, even more prevalent is the rock star decline from badass to mild-mannered musician. Today, we look back on five musicians who once typified everything that was dangerous and threatening about music but eventually went on to be a sad, soft, shell of their former selves. Hey hey, my my.Read More…
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    7 Ridiculously Upbeat Songs About DeathKiss prev
    With the possible exceptions of love, sex, and slaying mythical beasts, no topic has commanded the attention of song-writers throughout history more than death. From Metallica's "Enter Sandman" to The Shangri-La's "Leader of the Pack" and even as far back as Beethoven's "Deathstomp 9 in D minor", the great beyond has been the inspiration for some of the most compelling songs ever written. If you think I'm making up the title of that Beethoven number, by all means, go ahead and Google it, I'll wait. Did you do it? Wow, you are a gullible one, aren't you?Read More…