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    20 Worst Music Videos of All TimeNeneh prev
    It's hard to imagine a world without music videos. But there was a time when artists had to rely on, you know, their music to convince people that their stuff was worth buying. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, it's all about image. If you look right, chances are you'll probably sell some records. With that much riding on your visual presentation, you would think musicians would go all out when it comes time to make a music video, and most of them do. Except for...Read More…
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    15 Greatest Comeback Albums of All-timeAmerican prev
    Comeback albums are a beautiful thing. If you're a longtime fan of that one band that used to be awesome but has spent their last decade cranking out the most godawful music of their career, the moment when they finally get their shit together again on record can be absolutely life affirming.For the artist, that comeback album that they just KNEW they had in them opens up the doors for a fruitful late career resurgence to cement their legacy as one of the all-time greats. At least, until they blow it with that experimental pan flute album a few years later. Here are a few of the greatest comeback albums of all time...Read More…
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    5 All-Time-Classic Albums That Critics DespisedPinkerton prev
    As much as people like to deny it, there is something about a negative album review that can sway the public consciousness. A bad review in the right publication can seal an album's fate as a bargain bin throwaway before it even has a chance. Often times, the harsh criticism is more than warranted. Not everything can be a gem. But every once in awhile, the critics get it wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. For example...Read More…
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    5 Biggest Music DRM Debacles of All TimeDrm prev
    Thank God for DRM. Without it, the internet would be a cesspool of illegally pirated music, movies and software. Oh, wait, the internet totally is that, because DRM is, quite possibly, the most pointless innovation of the digital age. Companies spend millions of dollars each year coming up with new ways to protect their online content just to see some fifteen year old kid figure out how to circumvent it. Repeat as needed. But DRM isn't just an exercise in futility. When you absolutely, positively, must anger every customer you have, few weapons are better than DRM. Take these shenanigans, for example...Read More…
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    25 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All TimeMovie prev
    In many ways, a film's soundtrack is every bit as important as the actors, dialog and everything else that go into making a movie. Imagine if, instead of "Stayin' Alive," John Travolta strutted through the opening sequence of Saturday Night Fever to the sounds of "Anarchy In the UK." OK, bad example, because that would have been pretty awesome also, but still, totally different movie if that happens. Here is a look at 25 of the greatest film soundtracks of all time.Read More…
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    5 Musicians Who Overcame Poverty to Become SuperstarsPoverty prev
    Everybody knows the path to rock glory is not an easy one. It takes talent (sometimes), years of hard work, determination, and more than a little bit of luck. But for some, there was even more to it than that. Some stars had to overcome years of poverty in addition to everything else. Here are just a few of them.Read More…
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    7 Unexpected Moments of Guitar AwesomenessPrince prev
    The interweb tubes are stuffed with lists heralding the high fallutin' achievements of all those "greatest of all time" type guitar players that the mainstream media throw in your face everyday. Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Morrello, Slash...they've all done some pretty impressive stuff. But you know what? They aren't the only people that play the damn guitar. In fact, there are several artists who, on any given night, can burn any given venue to the GROUND using nothing more then their guitar shredding abilities. For example...Read More…
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    8 Most Over-used Samples In Hip Hop HistoryBrown prev
    In the early days of hip hop, when it was just two turntables and a microphone, having a ready collection of samples and drum breaks was mandatory. It was just how things were done. But over the years, improved sampling technology and the introduction of live instrumentation made using the same songs over and over less necessary. Nevertheless, some samples refused to die. Some are even still used (and abused) to this day. For example...Read More…
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    5 Most Pointless Solo Albums of All TimeSoloprev
    The time comes for every band when they reach a crossroads. Tensions mount, creative differences start to boil over, and inevitably, someone decides it's time to go solo. It's a natural progression and some of the greatest albums of all time have come about as a result. But not all solo albums happen that way. Sometimes, people go solo for no damn good reason at all. For example...Read More…
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    6 Most Idiotic Publicity Stunts In Rock Music HistoryPubprev
    Imagine if you will, your band is sitting at the very edge of rock greatness. All those years spent in cramped vans touring the sleaziest of clubs have finally paid off. You've signed the big money contract and recorded what, most everyone involved tells you, may be the greatest damn album ever made. But there is one problem. Nobody is paying attention. So what do you do to get yourself some much needed publicity? No idea, but here are six things you may want to avoid, if that helps.Read More…
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    6 Awesome On Stage Freak-outs Caught On TapeMeltdownsprev
    Sure, seeing your favorite musician on stage, at their best, can be an inspiring thing. But let's be honest: being lucky enough to be around at that special moment when everything goes wrong and that guitar wielding bajillionaire completely loses it...that's way better. There was a time when stories of on stage meltdowns were just that, stories. That was before video cameras, camera phones, and YouTube. Now, we get to see it all. For example...Read More…
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    6 Most Bizarre Instruments Ever Used in Popular MusicColbert prev
    Guitar, drums, bass, vocals. That's what most bands need to pull off a great song. But sometimes, the situation may call for something more. You know, like a hurdy gurdy! Check out these examples of famous musicians who said "damn the guitar, hand me a Conundrum!" Or something to that effect.Read More…