Aaron Wimberley
I have been working with video since 1999, when I was a teenager and worked on a Videonics Titlemaker™ connected between two VCR’s. I have been a professional since 2004 and work on many kinds of projects, mostly for non-profit organizations. I am eager to learn and happy to share my experience. I hope you learn something from the information provided.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Captain Morgan-Style Smokey Text RevealIcon
    This tutorial was inspired by the end of this Captain Morgan commercial. By combining a few different elements and the stroke plug-in you can create a smokey text reveal that can be used on many different kinds of projects.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Discover How To Recreate the Sherlock Holmes End Credits EffectThumb
    After Effects, my dear Watson! This tutorial uses hand drawn elements, textures, and pre-matted motion elements to recreate a look that is similar to the Sherlock Holmes credits. It gives you basics to build on. The great thing about this effect is that it is made to look organic and not 3D and effects heavy, but it still turns out looking really professional. It does not require very much expertise in free hand drawing seeing that all you have to do is trace a still image. Take this tutorial and build upon it to create something awesome. Read More…